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Our Flight Story, was a unique one.

Ilo-ilo has always been a safe haven of peace and comfort for me. Not to mention, a place with great taste!

We chose to have our prenuptial shoot at Ilo-ilo to boast of the beautiful beaches and a scenery change. A way for me to showcase my new home as well!

Even if our union has already been sealed, we can’t resist the love and preparation before the wedding day.

We love revisiting those moments.

So we would love to share with you, our first prenuptial shoot last March 30-April 1, 2021 at Guimaras Island, Ilo-ilo City.

We continue to take flight and show our love to all!


First Set: Casual Wear

They say the prenuptial shoots would be the most demanding and fun experience due to the numerous shoots and ideas.

As a hands on bride, I wanted to incorporate the beach setting as we are both aqua lovers!

We started with the casual colors of denim and light blue trend, while showcasing the beautiful interior of Villa Elena, Guimaras.

Second Set: Bohemian Wear

Enjoy the vibrant colors of this attire!

Still showcasing the open but cozy reception area of the Inn. The rustic feels with cool colors of the household made us enjoy taking shots!

Third Set: Semi-Formal Wear

After our shoots during the day, we set trail to “Tatlong Pulo” where we took place in the green scenery of the island.

Fourth Set: Beach Attire

The heat started to kick in, so we took a dip with our swim attire and played around with the wonderful setup by the beach front.

The lovely pink tulle was a cool breeze and we definitely had fun flirting around, while the crew captivated each moment.

P.S Janzen always made me smile and laugh. He’d whisper something funny to not make the shoot too serious and always reminded me to enjoy the moment.

Fifth Set: Sunset Hues

Sunset was fast approaching.

We took our love to the cliff and shared moments with the natural light. It was beautiful.

We ended being playful by the water.

Sixth Set: Bohemian – Vintage

I’ve always wanted a bohemian – vintage theme.

We were thrilled when our crew knew exactly what we wanted and captivated every shining moment of our shoot by adding lights.

Just simple props that made our photos glow.

Seventh Set: Ripples and Rocks

We set out the next day for our adventure around Guimaras.

We came across low tide and skipped rocks while enjoying the view.

Eight Set: Casual Drive

This fun but challenging set was one of the most memorable shots.

We hopped on the sun roof and it rained! Despite the challenge, we had fun playing with the rain and making it seem natural.

We wanted to show how our love has grown from the numerous adventures we’ve had before getting hitched.

We still look forward to many more adventures, post pandemic.

Ninth Set: Flight to Forever

We have worked in the airline industry with Janzen as a pilot and I, as the flight attendant.

Despite the pandemic has taken a twist in our airline careers, we still pay homage to our respective careers that brought us closer to each other.

For my husband, Janzen is still and forever will be the Captain Of My Life.

Promising him that ” I will love you for who you are, not who you were. “

We did not meet in the airline, but somehow fate brought us to come together on our likes and interests all throughout our years of friendship.

Note: Due to the pandemic situation in llo-ilo, we were luckily allowed to have our prenup at the airport for a limited time only. We had to comply with the guidelines and ensured that we started early in that way we wouldn’t mix with arriving passengers.


Location: Guimaras Island, Ilo-ilo City

Photography: LoveTrain Studios by Justin Go and Deneb Gela

Video: Lubim Ta Films by Imer Borda, Ash Maranon and Eiman Gallo

Coordination: Mee Events by Mee-Ay Caudilla

Makeup: Kate Luceno

Accessories: FARAH ABU Accessories

Wedding Dress: LIPOSA


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